In the past, executives tasked with the role of purchasing media in the financial, business, travel or technology arenas had to undergo a lengthy exercise: surveying a long list of publications and events, requesting information, meeting with countless sales reps, evaluating proposals, making final selections and negotiating schedules.

Until Karen Gleason & Associates, Inc. We will shorten and simplify that process for you by leveraging our network and know-how to your advantage.

Karen Gleason & Associates has been in operation since 1992 as a publisher’s representative engaged in the sales of print and digital advertising, events and sponsorships. At Karen Gleason & Associates, we specialize in products which focus on financial and corporate investors, consumers and business travelers. Typical publisher rep firms are generalists, not experts in finance, travel and technology audiences. Karen Gleason & Associates' deep category expertise clearly sets us apart.

Our elite sales team, boasting decades of combined experience, are not just experts in selling print but also understand how various channels work together to provide synergies for clients.

Karen Gleason & Associates recognizes that it operates in a highly competitive environment, where it is essential to maintain an edge in the advertising community. We know our strengths as a firm and are selective in the properties and companies we represent.

Because Karen Gleason & Associates is well respected for its expertise in the financial arena, we have long-standing and trusted relationships with both clients and agencies. We are highly visible and know the players well. Most rep firms are too diversified to claim those relationships. Well-established relationships with advertisers and an outstanding reputation in the industry account for much of Karen Gleason & Associates success today.

Karen Gleason is a proven leader and her drive for success on the part of her clients is unparalleled. She expects her staff and herself to perform, and consistent increases in media revenues attest to that leadership.